Sustainability through design

As a Practice we strive for the sustainability of our projects to be discrete and indivisible from the architecture. This could mean using thermal mass such as exposed concrete slabs, high thermal insulation, natural light and low-sun penetration for winter-time solar gain, ducted air and heat-recovery systems, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and ground surface permeability, or reusing the existing building fabric. All the while maintaining integration between the overall architectural design and these sustainable practices so that it is impossible to distinguish where one begins and ends.

For example:

The inclusion of a green roof overlooked by a bedroom or home working space creates an attractive view, bringing the outdoors inside, while also working as a sustainable drainage system.

A house could be reconstructed out of the salvaged elements, including architraves, doors, ceiling roses, joists, floor boards, bricks, sanitaryware or a whole staircase. Even joinery can be removed to a workshop, renovated and then reinstated.

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